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150 Houses You Need To Visit Before You Die /anglais
Éditions Lannoo
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150 Houses You Need To Visit Before You Die /anglais

Éditions Lannoo


#architecturehunting #architecturelover #architectureporn: check those hashtags on Insta-
gram and you’ll realise, architecture tourism is on the rise. Unsurprisingly perhaps: archi -
tecture is photogenic. But if you also get a chance to see what’s hiding behind the façade,
the experience is truly inspirational. Is there anything more fun than peeking into original
interiors? Especially if those homes were designed by a world-renowned architect?
Journalist Thijs Demeulemeester and art and architecture historian Jacinthe Gigou are both
crazy about 20th-century architecture. Together they drew up a shortlist of 150 stunning
20th-century homes that are open to visitors. Most are house museums with fixed opening
hours. Others can be rented as Airbnb. And some are hidden treasures, which you can visit
by appointment only.
If you’re taking a road trip through southern France, which architectural marvels are worth
the detour? Which houses should you see during your city getaway in São Paolo? Which pearls
of residential architecture can you visit in Paris? What is the equivalent of Le Corbusier’s
Villa Savoye in Norway? And if you are planning an architecture trip to, say, Palm Springs,
which architectural masterpieces should you most definitely book in advance? Let 150 hous-
es you need to visit before you die be your guide.
Unlike (art) museums, ‘house museums’ are often lesser-known gems. They won’t be featured
in every tourist guide. Finding them or gaining access takes quite a bit of research. This book
solves that problem. The authors scoured the world for 150 must-see modern private homes
from the 20th century. So call150 houses you need to visit before you die an architectural bucket
list. Or a TO DO list for lovers of 20th-century residential architecture. Anyone who has
visited all 150 houses, raise your hand. There’s a surprise waiting for you.
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